Monday, March 5, 2007

Mc-7 progress

I´ve been working with my MC-7 for some time now and here is picture of it now

From left to right:

Pulse outputs module with led indicators: Four rhythm pulses (hi-hat, bassdm, snare, extra pulse : mirror to accomp Two from keypress : 1 note and second note: pulse depends on the chosen instrument. Second note output also follows accompaniment line when accompaniments are on.

Simple Low-pass Filter circuit (same as in music from outer space wsg)

36 point patch bay: made from amphenol connectors ( it is really easy to use with alligatorclips.)

Switch panel for cutting or connecting some original features: nice to redirect some signals in there.

Still plenty of work to be done. Next module will be some bending controls that are just too good to be left only for the patch bay. Also every time i open the keyboard and do some testing with the circuit board I end up soldering new wires to new points on the board... maybe i should add one 12 point amphenol to the patch bay.