Saturday, April 5, 2008


I made this cmos 40106 based noisemaker as a dubsiren or something. It has 1 oscillator and 2 LFOs. I didn´t have any plans when i started just a 40106 chip and some components. First i built a simple squarewave osc from 1/6 of the chip ran it through pulsewidht modulator (again 1/6 of 40106) with Lfo (1/6)

Then i added second lfo with led and ldr for pitch modulation. The best part was "starve" pot ->just a 10k pot in series with battery + to ic pin 14. Some really crazy sounds can be made with playing with this pot. Here is a schematic of the oscs and lfos

The component values are what i happened to have so try different values for the results you like. Add more buttons, switches etc. for more playability (only 1 button in the schematic for output) for example i did a powercut button (normally closed) with cap in parallel (47 uF)

work in progress videos and and a video of the finished piece

here is a picture of the finished piece.